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Windshield Safety

Why is it important to be safe?

Smart Glass has always believed that consumers should be educated on proper and safe windshield installation methods… and have the tools necessary to make an informed and intelligent decision. All auto glass goods and service providers are not created equal! Smart Glass emphasizes windshields that are “Done Right” and has a quality history dating back to 1961.

Do You Know?

Your windshield is a vital piece of safety equipment. In the event of a collision, it keeps occupants within the vehicle and activates your passenger-side airbag! 

Why Should You Choose Smart Glass?

Many auto glass companies will rely on consumer misunderstandings and take shortcuts to justify low prices or quick turnaround times… However, they endanger people’s lives. Smart Glass feels that the risk is not worth it, and is dedicated to providing safe installation methods at a reasonable cost.

Smart Glass is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council and follows the AGRSS/AGSC safety standard, employs dedicated and SIKA factory qualified technicians, and only uses high-grade adhesive methods.

Also keep in mind that consumers have the right to choose their auto glass provider in every situation, whether they pay cash or file an insurance claim. Make sure you’re up to date on the facts before choosing an auto glass company. Below are some videos about windshield safety:

Be Skeptical If:

– A company that conducts only mobile car glass installations or does not have a physical address.

– A company has one technician who can replace a windshield in an hour or less – “This is not an oil change” – A company will execute a mobile installation in the rain or adverse weather.

– During the winter months, a corporation does not appreciate the importance of temperature constraints.

– A corporation cannot inform you what their urethane systems’ “safe drive-away time” is.

– To save money, a business installs second-hand vehicle glass pieces.

Do You Know?

Every 20 years, the average consumer receives a new windshield – Why not ensure your safety at a reasonable cost?

The Importance of Proper Windshield Installation is Demonstrated in the Video Below:

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