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How to Handle an Insurance Claim for Auto Glass

Step #1 – Make an appointment with Smart Glass by calling 206-464-1444 or visiting one of our five store locations. We can help you with the insurance claims process. Send us an email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible or as soon as we can. Even if your claim is still being processed, your appointment time will be verified and reserved particularly for you.

Step #2 – Report the claim facts to your insurance company by calling the numbers indicated below. Be aware that you are speaking with a third-party network rather than the insurance company directly; they should inform you of this at the outset. When you contact, have your policy number, date of occurrence, and vehicle information handy.

Step #3 – Notify the network representative that you have an appointment at Smart Glass Inc. and that you are picking Smart Glass as your shop of choice. They will send all necessary info directly to our system. We are accepted by all insurance carriers and networks and are a preferred vendor. By PA law the consumer (that’s you!) has the right to pick whomever they wish to replace their glass. Do not be forced to an out-of-state shop or be pressured to use a faceless nationwide provider.

Step #4 – This is the most straightforward step! You can have your glass work done at one of our shops, a mechanic’s garage of your choice, or your home or workplace. We make every effort to make it simple and convenient. At the time of service, the customer will be liable for a signature of completion and the deductible amount (payable to ‘Smart Glass’ if by check). All additional paperwork is taken care of by us!

It’s simply that simple. There are only four easy steps.

Give Smart Glass a call today and let us ‘Give you a Break!!’

Other useful hints include:

1) If you do not choose Smart Glass Inc. directly, the insurance network will assign you to a random installer, possibly from another state.

2) It is prohibited for Smart Glass Inc. to call in your claim on your behalf owing to fraud and privacy issues. If you require this service, your insurance agent should be able to supply it.

3) Every insurance company is required by law to assist you in locating your preferred repair shop. Many are associated with their installers and will attempt to divert jobs to them. This is known as insurance steering, and it is prohibited.

4) Having an auto glass business reimburse part of your deductible is often frowned upon (and illegal in some regions). They have a contract to collect the money on behalf of the insurer, and in some situations, they may be committing fraud by overbilling for services. Beware of the buyer!!!

5) Your insurance agent is a good resource if you’re having trouble filing an insurance claim. They can help you get your requests processed and resolved swiftly.

6) Always remember that as a consumer, you have a choice.

Consumer Contact Information for Insurance Companies

Avoid steering if at all possible. You must specifically request Smart Glass by name!!!

** This information is current as of December 2015. If your insurance company is not listed, please contact us and we will assist you with your claim.

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