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Smart Glass inc.. is the Southeast Pennsylvania leader in glass replacement for dealerships, body shops, large vehicles, commercial and rental fleets. Smart Glass Inc. can replace your windshield or body glass component efficiently and correctly the first time, limiting vehicle downtime and getting your client or employee back on the road, based on a half-century of experience and the current industry trends.

Our specialists have decades of experience, are SIKA certified, and have the best auto glass part procurement in the area. You can trust that your task will be done well and at the price provided, whether it’s urethane installs, typical rubber gasket installations, or uncommon uses.

Call any of our 5 store locations today to speak with a knowledgeable representative!

Our huge indoor facilities enable us to service automobiles and heavy trucks in all weather conditions (at our Telford facility), and our safe residential locations and large parking areas make truckers’ and fleet owners’ lives easier. Completing jobs in a temperature-controlled environment while adhering to all current procedural rules ensures a first-rate glass replacement process. On dealership work, fleet service, and most large trucks, mobile service is also readily available.

Many fleet owners, managers, and owner-operators in the greater Philadelphia area deal with Smart Glass. Come discover why Smart is the name to know when it comes to windshield replacement and repair for fleet and truck vehicles!

For further information, pricing, or to schedule an appointment, please call our Telford Main Location at 206-464-1444 . At all sites, service is available.

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