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Shower Enclosure Care & Cleaning

To keep your shower enclosure clean and sparkling for years to come, follow the steps below:

  • After each usage, wipe down the enclosure with a soft cloth or squeegee to remove water deposits and minerals from the glass.
  • Clean using warm, clean water and diluted mild soap or detergent on a regular basis, making sure to completely dry after each washing. Shower usage and water mineral content will determine the cleaning interval.
  • Wipe in a circular motion with a soft cloth. Avoid scrubbing or applying excessive pressure on your patterned glass. Use a product that cuts oil, such as Goo Gone, to remove stubborn spots on the sandblasted or acid-etched glass. Then clean with a light spray cleanser once more.
  • Household cleaners (see BEMA guidance below) and glass cleaners can be used for more intensive cleaning.
  • Make sure all clothes and cleaning aids are gentle and non-abrasive. On glass or metal, never use steel wool or any other abrasive.
  • Abrasive chemicals, such as Comet powder, should never be used.
  • Cleaning solutions containing acid or alkali should never be used.
  • Maintain and drain holes on the interior of the shower to prevent water from becoming ‘stuck’ and leaking to the outside.
  • To keep minerals out of the glass porous structure and maintain long-term clean, use protective coatings like CRL Surface Protector, ClearShield, or permanent coatings like Guardian Showerguard®

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