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Please contact Smart Glass Inc. first; we can assist you. You have the right to choose your vehicle glass business under Pennsylvania and federal insurance claim laws. If you have any problems or questions about a vehicle glass job or an insurance claim, please call Smart Glass Inc. at 206-464-1444 to talk with a representative directly.

Comprehensive insurance covers all sorts of auto glass damage. Your insurance policy covers all of your car’s glass, not just the windshield. The comprehensive component of your auto insurance policy would cover auto glass damage caused by road hazards and/or vandalism, while the collision provision of your policy would cover incidents caused by moving vehicles. 

Auto glass claims are handled by third-party “networks” or “brokers” on behalf of insurers. Smart Glass Inc. is a trusted member of all auto glass networks, and all work for insurance claims is approved. Due to the fact that some of the networks are controlled by rival national auto glass companies, it is often necessary for the insured to choose Smart Glass Inc. as their preferred shop, or else you will be directed elsewhere. This is known as insurance steering, and it is prohibited. If you specifically choose Smart Glass Inc., they must allow you to utilize us as your provider. 

You should call Smart Glass CO. first to schedule an appointment at one of our four locations, but if a Smart Glass representative is unavailable, you can call your insurance carrier. Your insurer will walk you through the claim process as it pertains to your policy. To put up your claim, you’ll need to make a phone call on 206-464-1444 and speak with a billing network. If you want Smart Glass Inc to provide your vehicle glass services, you must specifically request Smart Glass as your preferred shop. Otherwise, you’ll be sent to network-owned stores, which may be located out of state.

Smart Glass Inc features waiting areas in each of its four locations for convenient in-store appointments, as well as Wi-Fi. The majority of stores are within easy walking distance of restaurants and recreational activities. Mobile service is also available at all four locations.

It is not required for you to pay us first and then collect from your insurer when filing an insurance claim. Smart Glass Inc can bill directly for services delivered if the right procedures are followed. If a deductible applies, you will be responsible for paying it to Smart Glass CO. at the time of installation. Please contact us at 206-464-1444 if you have any insurance questions. We also provide cash windshield repairs and replacements. All major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, and Discover, are accepted.

As a result of your vehicle glass claim, your rates should not rise. However, only your insurer or insurance agent can tell you whether or not your rates will be changed, as well as provide details on your specific policy.

Although most insurers waive the comprehensive deductible for windshield replacement, some have begun to implement a “cash only” policy that forces the client to pay for the repairs. To find out about your windshield repair choices, call Smart Glass Inc directly at 206-464-1444 Individual repairs can also be done for a fee.

Wherever feasible, Smart Glass Inc employs only the highest quality OEM and OE parts on the market today. All replacement glass is not created equal. Smart Glass Inc professionals use both replacement components and original equipment (OEM) parts installed at the factory, which are made by companies like PPG and Pilkington. SIKA adhesives are high-quality, cutting-edge adhesives with industry-leading installation potential and fast drive-away times. Our technicians are likewise SIKA factory trained and have extensive experience in their area, with some having worked for SIKA for over 30 years.

OEM glass comes directly from the manufacturer of your car and is a perfect match for the glass that came with it. Smart Glass CO. has access to OEM parts from all manufacturers and can install them according to your specifications. OE comparable parts from manufacturers such as PPG and Pilkington are commonly used in replacements. OE comparable components are manufactured with the same quality control and tooling as original windshields, resulting in superior shape and color consistency. These companies make windshields for local and foreign automakers, and in some cases, they built the vehicle’s original windshield.


When compared to aftermarket-only parts, visual clarity is improved and optical distortion is reduced. Some of our national competitors manufacture their glass and sell it at a discount, but these parts will never be used in a new vehicle. Although the cost of OE equivalent parts is just slightly more, the success rate of warranty claims and customer satisfaction is much higher. There are dozens of businesses that create aftermarket auto glass, but only a few are OE-equivalent; for a successful replacement in your vehicle, insist on suitable materials.

The “Full-Cut” installation procedure refers to how your old windshield and urethane system are removed by a professional. This process involves removing all glass and urethane (windshield adhesive) down to the vehicle body’s bare metal and applying a new primer before installing the new glass — this is how your windshield was put at the factory. The primer is very vital; without it, any blemishes left on your vehicle’s body would rust away, concealed from view until it’s too late.


Compare this to our competitors’ “Close-Cut” process, which involves removing only the windshield and applying urethane straight to the old urethane. This may save time, but it is also more dangerous, as it can lead to rust and leaks. If done wrong, it may jeopardize the safety of your car. To remove any urethane adherent parts on a vehicle, Smart Glass CO. specialists are instructed to use only a “Full-Cut” approach.

In a nutshell, YES!!! It’s worth noting that the safety of a vehicle’s glass components is critical. For example, the windshield can supply up to 45 percent of the structural integrity of a vehicle’s cabin in a front-end accident, and up to 60 percent in a rollover. To ensure a solid fit and adequate adhesion, it’s critical to utilize the right materials. In a rollover collision, windshields also allow optimal passenger airbag activation and reduce roof collapse.

Our shops are PPG Prostars accredited, which means they have access to industry-specific training and resources to ensure proper installation and high-quality parts. Smart Glass Inc is a leader in vehicle glass installation processes and procedures, with an impact that extends beyond the local area.

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