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About Smart Glass

Smart Glass Inc was founded in 1961; the business started as a family-owned flat glass shop that served the needs of the local people and the community. But soon, thanks to its founder’s hard work, perseverance, and work quality Smart Glass Inc became a recognized name among the community’s people. As the glass business grew, a shop was built on the current site, and employees were added to keep up with the demands of the business. Smart Glass Inc’s “home” shop was often expanded to serve the growing needs of the people and the community. More locations were added to Smart Glass Inc’sInc’s business in later years as Lansdale, Quakertown, Limerick, and Lehigh Valley grew. These locations were added to the business to serve the community’s growing demands and the surrounding areas in a much better way.

Even today, Smart Glass Inc is family-owned and integrates two generations of the founder’s family. They are known for their quality, service, value, and honesty, and they take it as the benchmarks of their founder’s name. Smart Glass Inc will continue to be a family-owned business holding the same benchmarks as the business moves ahead into the century. By integrating the long family history, benchmarks, and faith, people, community, and business, we have always served the glass needs of our people and the community since 1961. We currently serve the commercial, retail, residential and auto aspects of the glass industry. At Smart Glass Inc, we pride ourselves on providing only the very best product and service to the glass field. There is a difference, and we can show you why. Contact us to see how we can bring decades of experience, quality of work, and satisfaction to your next glass project.

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