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Headlight Restoration

Smart is Better – Advantages to Headlight Restoration:


The restoration of your headlights does not necessitate the replacement of your current headlight lens. This prevents the lens from ending up in a landfill and allows it to be used for years to come.


With many replacement headlamp lenses costing hundreds of dollars per pair, it makes sense to restore your existing lenses at a considerably lower cost, usually less than $100 for both lenses.


One lens can be restored in as little as one hour, and both lenses can be restored in around two hours on your vehicle*. This can be done in any of our five shop locations, which are all equipped with Wi-Fi and seating/waiting areas.


Driving with a discolored and cloudy headlight lens puts you and other drivers in danger. A lens that has been repaired is more optically clear, allowing for a clearer view of the road and hazards ahead.

Smart Glass Uses the Best in Headlight Technology

  • The Damaged Surface is Removed by Our System –
  •  The Cleaned Lens is Covered with a New OEM Quality Shell 
  •  We are happy to provide a warranty on our refurbished items.
  • For pricing and service, give us a call today!
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