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Smart Glass Offers Many Options for Windshield Recalibration

What is Recalibration?  What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)?

When you change lanes, does your vehicle give you a warning? Is it possible for your vehicle to detect another vehicle or item in front of you in order to avoid a collision? Is there a camera fixed on your windshield or near it? These are fantastic new features, but they can also provide some distinct new issues when it comes to glass replacement. These front-facing cameras and sensor packages are part of your vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (or ADAS), which is designed to keep you and your passengers safe.

When your windshield breaks and you need it replaced, your safety system will most likely need to be recalibrated according to the automaker’s or manufacturer’s standards. Smart Glass Inc has established several industry service solutions to help you finish this process swiftly and affordably, usually within the same business day. To ensure that your car is recalibrated properly and to the proper standard, we use automaker/dealer systems, third-party calibration techniques, and in-house calibration procedures. This criterion may have an impact on what glass part(s) can be utilized to meet AGSC and ANSI standards, as well as automotive and OEM system function requirements. Rest assured, we’ve got this!

Because each carmaker and system is unique, vehicle calibration cannot be done in a one-size-fits-all manner. At Smart Glass, we always do what is best for your vehicle. Your vehicle’s safety systems are designed to work together to alert the driver to potential hazards and avoid collisions – they can help, warn, and assist – and in certain cases, they may influence the vehicle’s driving characteristics while you’re driving it. Lane departure warning, lane maintenance assist, lane centering, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian or object recognition, forward collision avoidance, and other features are examples. These systems must be re-calibrated appropriately and to the greatest possible standard.

Methods of Windshield Camera Recalibration (ADAS)?

Windshield Safety and ADAS systems are no exception. Smart Glass has always advocated for safe windshield installation practices and has been a leader in windshield safety and customer education. For years, we’ve been at the forefront of industry best practices in recalibration, and we plan to keep this tradition going well into the future.

The client experience does vary as a result of recalibration. If your car requires recalibration services following glass replacement, our expert staff will notify you when you schedule with Smart Glass. Various methods will be used to perform the recalibration required by your car during your servicing. Please keep in mind that this will most likely take longer to complete. Varying manufacturers have different criteria, therefore your vehicle can need a static or dynamic recalibration. Both methods of calibration are required for some automobiles.

Types of Recalibration Explained:

  • Dynamic Recalibration:  To recalibrate the camera system, drive the vehicle at the manufacturer’s recommended speeds and durations on well-marked roads. Depending on the make and model of the car, service can take anywhere from one to three hours or more, not including windshield installation time.
  • Static Recalibration:  Targets and unique images must be precisely positioned on a fixture in front of the vehicle during the recalibration process. Depending on the make and model of the car, it usually takes one half business day in addition to windshield installation time.

Smart Glass offers both windshield replacement and recalibration services, upholding our long-standing reputation of providing quick and economical service to you and your family. We value your convenience, but we equally value your safety, therefore we will always offer the best option for your car.

To speak with one of our skilled staff members, give us a call or come to one of our handy locations. We’ll answer any concerns you have about the process of recalibrating your windshield systems and make sure you’re comfortable with it. Trust Smart Glass, and trust local.

*Please note that depending on the requirements, Recalibration Services may not be offered for all cars or at all locations. For your vehicle type and recalibration needs, Mobile Service may not be accessible.

Are you unsure if your vehicle has ADAS features? Contact our store locations and knowledgeable staff now, and we’ll get you up and running again.

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